E-Visor Reports: Market Watch

Tuesday, June 28, 2022
As expected, the condition of the US corn and soybean crops slipped lower last week. This now puts corn at 67% Good/Excellent and soybeans at 65% G/E, both down 3% from the previous week. Corn is now 4% silking which is at the average pace. Soybeans are 7% blooming which is 4% under average. The winter wheat harvest is at 41% complete. Spring wheat is rated 59% G/E, well above last year’s figure. The US pasture condition came in at 31% G/E, a slight improvement from last week. While trade will monitor these numbers and factor them into market values, interest is very likely to quickly return to positioning for the upcoming USDA reports on Thursday. Trade is also positioning for month and quarter end as well. This may actually be more of a factor in trade as the week winds down without a major surprise in the USDA data. We are right in front of the July 4th holiday which can change the attitude of the market. Historically we have heard reports of crops being “made” if they make it to this date without stress. While this is possible, in several recent years the crops have both been made or lost by abnormal August weather. This year will likely be no different.  

* Chinese drought talk increases
* High freight impacting more trade
* Freight costly both domestically and globally 
* Shipping costs expected to remain firm 
* Global feed demand questioned
* Pollination forecasts watched closely 
* Food vs Fuel debate increasing 
* Farmers selling shut off 
* All eyes on June 30th reports 
* June 30th also month, quarter end 

* Trade more optimistic on SAM crop
* Trade questions SAM drought impact
* Analysts believe genetics reduce drought impact 
* Brazil offers much lower than US   
* Brazil storing corn wherever possible 
* China indicates lower summer needs
* China meal inventory continues to build
* Basis values starting to soften   
* Buyers pass on US offers  
* Canadian canola crop -7%   

* Canada says plantings +6% 
* High quality reported in US crop        
* More buyers surface for Russian wheat  
* US export demand is low  
* More Russian grain theft reports   
* Cash cattle trade down $2-$3   
* Feeder cattle seeing pressure   
* US beef exports drop  
* YTD beef exports still record high     
* YTD pork exports -24% from 2021  

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