​AgriVisor Staff


most recent Durchholz_Dale     Dale Durchholz

​         Senior Market Analyst

Dale Durchholz, Senior Market Analyst for AgriVisor, began his career with AgriVisor in 1986 and has done research/analysis of all the agricultural markets during his career.

 His primary responsibility is  the analysis of grain markets, along with development of related marketing strategies.  Livestock market analysis is a secondary activity.  Other responsibilities include the analysis of other markets and economic developments that effect agriculture and AgriVisor clientele.  His analytical style includes both fundamental and technical perspectives.

 He has 40  years experience as an analyst in the commodity industry. Prior to joining Agrivisor nearly 30 years ago, Dale headed the research departments of two Chicago brokerage houses.  Earlier, he had been a grain analyst for another producer market consulting firm.

 Dale was raised on a Logan County Illinois farm.  He holds a bachelor's and a  master's degree from the University of Illinois.

 Dale and his family reside in rural Bloomington, Illinois.

Camp_Joe 14 cropped     ​Joe Camp

​         Manager

Joe Camp is the manager at AgriVisor, LLC located in Bloomington, IL. He is a native of Paxton, IL.  

Joe earned a Master’s Degree in economics after a completing a fellowship at Eastern Illinois University. 

In his role at AgriVisor, Joe offers grain marketing advice to producers in the Midwest and provides hedge recommendations and order execution as a Series 3 licensed broker.  Joe is an analyst specializing in the grains and knowledgeable on matters influencing the other various financial markets.  He is a published market commentator and regular contributor to the Illinois Farm Bureau’s FarmWeek newspaper.  Other articles have been featured in the Iowa Spokesman newspaper, Dairy Herd Management, Wisconsin Rural Route, and GROWMARK’s SOURCE magazine.  Joe can be herd regularly on the RFD Radio Network, with market updates broadcasted by more than 75 Illinois radio affiliates.  He is also a co-host of AgriVisor’s weekly AgFanatics podcast.